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Please join me as I welcome Mr. James Nestor, author of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal,  and LA Times best-selling book, Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art.

He will reveal the following:

  • How and why did you write this book?
  • How did you end up volunteering for a Stanford experiment to plug your nose for a few days?
  • How do you deal with doctors and other patients that don't see poor breathing as a serious problem, especially if you're younger or thin?
  • What's the one thing that you've implemented after writing this book?
  • What are some tips for our listeners to improve their breathing and well-being?
  • And much, much more.



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Please join me on this fascinating interview with Dr. Stasha Gominak, where she will give us an update on Vitamin D and the gut biome. Dr. Gominak's two past interviews were two of the most popular downloaded podcast episodes.

In this 90 minute interview, she will discuss:

  • How vitamin D  is linked to acetylcholine, an important brain neurotransmitter.
  • Acetylcholine’s role in sleep
  • New findings about vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid).

Show Notes

Dr. Stasha Gominak's website

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In this episode, I will reveal my positive and negative insights during the time I spent in our hospital's intensive care unit (ICU). 


Alicia Keys Empire State of Mind Youtube video


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In this episode, Kathy and I will discuss an issue that everyone who sees a doctor will have to deal with. With any test, you have to take it with a grain of salt, and this episode will help you place test results in the right context.

Show Notes:

  1. Sleep study
  2. Vitamin D - Gominak Interviews (2015 Part 1, 2015 Part 2, 2015 Part 3, 2018 Part 1, 2018 Part 2) Supplements podcast link
  3. Thyroid testing (TSH) Mary Shomon
  4. Ferritin Glyphosate podcast
  5. Hormones podcast
  6. Gluten/Celiac
  7. Radiology
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During this coronavirus pandemic, Kathy and I will be discussing:

  1. Which vitamins and supplements everyone should be taking
  2. What is the easiest and best defense in fighting this infection?
  3. Which immune-boosting benefit most people are missing out on?


  1. Good quantity and quality sleep.
    1. Sleep Interrupted: A physician reveals the #1 reason why so many of us are sick and tired 
    2. NKC lower 73% with sleep deprivation study
    1. Nitric Oxide from nose increased oxygen uptake in lungs by up to 18%
    2. Nitric oxide and antimicrobial properties
    3. Dr. Weil’s Relaxing Breath video
    4. Curb your sugar craving podcast
    5. Unstuff Your Stuffy Nose ebook
  2. Good nasal breathing
    1. Dr. John Cannell -
    2. Vitamin D and disease reduction chart
    3. Vit D Dr. Gominak interviews
    4. School children taking Vit D - lower flu and asthma rates study
    5. Vitamin D and lower cancer risk study
    6. Vitamin D activates genes to activate natural killer cells
  3. Vitamin D
    1. Linus Pauling Institute
    2. Reduce rates of colds
    3. ICU sepsis death rates much lower with Vitamin C, hydrocortisone and thiamine
  4. Vitamin C
    1. In Foods - Dr. Axe
    2. Fermented foods - Dr. Axe
  5. Vitamin K
    1. B6  foods - Dr. Axe
    2. Folate (B9) foods - Dr. Axe
    3. B12 foods - Dr. Axe
  6. B complex vitamins
    1. Toxin podcast
    2. Honest Review of Branch Basics Cleaner
  7. Environmental toxins
    1. Fermented foods - Dr. Axe
    2. Probiotics - Dr. Axe
  8. Probiotics
  9. Thymic Protein A (TPA)
    1. Alcohol based 60 to 80% range - Dr. Mercola
    2. Don’t touch eyes, nose or mouth
    3. College student touching face study
  10. Wash your hands with soap and water.
  11. Heat - Dr. Mercola
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It’s unavoidable that all of us will experience cancer at one time or another. If you have not experienced cancer, it’s likely that you know someone that has suffered or even died from cancer. 

In this episode, Kathy and I discuss the importance of good sleep as it relates to cancer. This is an important topic that everyone needs to hear if you want to significantly lower your risk of cancer.

Show Notes:

Cancer statistics

OSA and cancer review article

Two cancer and OSA studies: Wisconsin cohort and Spanish Study

Intermittent hypoxia and cancer review article

Cancer VEGF

Hypoxia Induceable factor (HIF)

Tumor necrosis factor (TNF)

IL6 and OSA

Endothelial dysfunction and OSA 

Taiwanese study on cancer and parasomnias, OSA, insomnia

Shift work breast cancer, colon cancer

Estrogens podcast

Vitamin D podcast

Beta blocker and lower cancer

Love Medicine and Miracles book

Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers book

Pillar Implants for snoring and OSA

Environmental Working Group (EWG)

Dirty Dozen foods on EWG

Relaxing breath video by Dr. Weil

5 steps to lower your risk of cancer:

  • Eat clean healthy organic foods
  • Don't smoke and minimize toxin exposure
  • Optimal, regular sleep
  • Stress control
  • Optimize upper airway and jaw size, starting from pregnancy and childhood.
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Estrogen imbalance is a problem not only for women. Men and children can be affected as well, leading to various health conditions, including thyroid problems, early puberty in girls, the feminization of boys, poor sleep, weight gain, and higher cancer risk.


Show Notes:

Post-menopausal women and progesterone study

Dr. John Lee

Dr. Christianne Northrup Wisdom of Menopause book

Sleep Interrupted

Thyroid health podcast

The Top 7 Toxins to Avoid for Better Sleep and Health podcast

Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers book by Dr. Robert Sapolsky

Possible autism due to too much estrogen during pregnancy

Sicker Fatter Poorer book podcast

Estrogen enhances growth of cancer cells

Estrogen, obesity, and cancer

Increased estrogen in obese men

Estrogen and breast cancer risk

Vitamin D Chart


Inventory of medications

Inventory of foods

Inventory of cleaning supplies

Inventor of personal care products

Pro-Gest cream

Progessence Plus essential oil

Sleep deprivation and hormone imbalance

Exercise and sweating to detox

Deep sleep and toxin removal

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In this episode, Kathy and I will be discussing the importance of good health during all phases of a pregnancy: before, during and after. Discover the following helpful tips:

  • What to do even before you think about conceiving
  • What to look for if you're having pregnancy complications
  • An important thing to prepare for just after your delivery
  • A major reason why you're having trouble breast-feeding
  • What to do for post-partum depression.


50% lower sperm counts in men

Fertility problems and obstructive sleep apnea 

Gestational Diabetes and OSA 

Gestational high blood pressure and sleep apnea

Pre-eclampaia and OSA

Prematurity and risk of OSA 

Sleep Interrupted: A physician reveals the #1 reason why so many of us are sick and tired

Tongue Tied book interview with Dr. Richard Baxter

5 Best Korean Foods For Postpartum Recovery

Dr. Palmer and breast feeding podcast

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In this episode, Kathy and I will talk about thyroid diseases, a very common condition that's not often addressed when you are seen for a sleep problem.

Show Notes:



Hashimotos thyroiditis 

Graves disease

Autoimmune thyroiditis

The Thyroid Diet Revolution: Manage Your Master Gland of Metabolism for Lasting Weight Loss by Mary Shomon

Sleep Interrupted: A physician reveals the #1 reason why so many of us are sick and tired 

Thyroid and interaction with sleep

Ideal thyroid labs

TSH less than 2

Free T4 top 25%

Free T3 top 25%

Reverse T3, low end

Anti-thyroid antibodies as low as possible

Thyroid binding globulin

Vitamin D > 50

Ferritin > 60 

Thyroid friendly foods

Health organic foods

Iodine in seafood and salt, as well other various foods

Selenium to help thyroid function

Vitamin D health chart




Vitamin B Complex




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Sinus infections with pain and pressure are all-too-common this time of the year. Please join Kathy and me as we reveal:

Why your sinus infection may not be an infection al all

What many doctors (even ENTs) may miss when treating sinusitis

How to treat your sinus symptoms without using antibiotics

How sinus pain may be linked to anxiety

Alternative ways of treating your sinus condition.


Heal Your Headache by Dr. David Buchholz 

Sinus And Migraine Study

Sleep Interrupted: A physician reveals the #1 reason why so many of us are sick and tired 

Reflux and chronic sinusitis 

OSA and reflux

CPAP reduces reflux

Pepsin in middle ear

Pepsin and H. pylori in maxillary sinus

Pepsin and lungs

Macrolide antibiotics and anti-inflammatory properties

Biaxin and chronic sinusitis in Japanese study

DISE in AHI < 5 study

Anxiety podcast

Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers by Dr. Robert Sapolsky 

Unstuff your stuffy nose free report 

Acupuncture studies

Myofunctional therapy studies

Janet Bennet of 




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In this age of fecal transplants, the gut biome is a popular topic that everyone is talking about. What is the gut biome and how is it related to your sleep quality? How can the bacteria in your gut prevent you from losing weight?

Please join Kathy and me as we answer the above questions and more.

Show Notes:

What is the gut biome?

How sleep affects the gut biome (good review article on Huffington Post)

Another article on sleep loss and gut bacteria

How stress affects the gut biome

Sleep Interrupted: A physician reveals the #1 reason why so many of us are sick and tired

Melatonin/circadian rhythm and gut biome

How excessive exercise negatively affects the gut

Gut biome and insomnia and circadian disorders

Gut dysbiosis and Vitamin D

Glyphosate as an antibiotic

Glyphosate graph

Glyphosate affects Vitamin D conversion in liver by p450 enzyme

Antibiotics in young children linked with higher rate of obesity

Vaginal delivery vs. C-section gut bacteria

Breast fed vs. bottle gut biome

14 Steps

Reduce stress

Cut out children’s activities

Animal proteins are important

7 hours of sleep

Eat high fiber foods - pre-biotics

Timing of meals: Eat every 4 hours or intermittent fasting

Avoid fad diets

5 Korean foods to help you quit sugar

Avoid MSG

Minimize antibiotics

Eat healthy

Probiotics / Fermented foods

Sweat every day

Eat dirt

Avoid processed foods

Dr. Mark Hyman:

Eat whole unrefined foods

Majority vegetable/plant based foods

Good fats

Supplement smartly

Add more coconut to diet

Remove inflammatory fat

Add fiber rich foods

Eat fermented foods

Call to action: Focus on your poop.

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