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Is your nose stuffy all the time? Are you a chronic mouth-breather? Did you already try various methods including over-the-counter pills, sprays, or even nasal saline? Maybe some of the simple tips or hacks you found online worked, but only for a few minutes. In this video, I’ll reveal 7 ways you can breathe much better through your nose for much longer periods of time and long-lasting results.

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✅ Video Chapters (download transcript PDF)

  • 00:00  Introduction
  • 01:13   #1. Nostril dilating devices
  • 03:29  #2. Nasal decongestants (pills & sprays)
  • 05:28  Why you have a deviated nasal septum
  • 07:58   #3. Septoplasty
  • 09:49  #4. Turbinate procedures  
  •  11:03   My take on empty nose syndrome
  • 13:18   #5. Nasal valve/nostril surgery
  • 18:29   #6. Rhinoplasty
  • 18:50   #7. Palatal expansion
  • 20:23   Why you can’t sleep well even if you’re breathing well through your nose

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