Breathe Better, Sleep Better, Live Better Podcast

During this coronavirus pandemic, Kathy and I will be discussing:

  1. Which vitamins and supplements everyone should be taking
  2. What is the easiest and best defense in fighting this infection?
  3. Which immune-boosting benefit most people are missing out on?


  1. Good quantity and quality sleep.
    1. Sleep Interrupted: A physician reveals the #1 reason why so many of us are sick and tired 
    2. NKC lower 73% with sleep deprivation study
    1. Nitric Oxide from nose increased oxygen uptake in lungs by up to 18%
    2. Nitric oxide and antimicrobial properties
    3. Dr. Weil’s Relaxing Breath video
    4. Curb your sugar craving podcast
    5. Unstuff Your Stuffy Nose ebook
  2. Good nasal breathing
    1. Dr. John Cannell -
    2. Vitamin D and disease reduction chart
    3. Vit D Dr. Gominak interviews
    4. School children taking Vit D - lower flu and asthma rates study
    5. Vitamin D and lower cancer risk study
    6. Vitamin D activates genes to activate natural killer cells
  3. Vitamin D
    1. Linus Pauling Institute
    2. Reduce rates of colds
    3. ICU sepsis death rates much lower with Vitamin C, hydrocortisone and thiamine
  4. Vitamin C
    1. In Foods - Dr. Axe
    2. Fermented foods - Dr. Axe
  5. Vitamin K
    1. B6  foods - Dr. Axe
    2. Folate (B9) foods - Dr. Axe
    3. B12 foods - Dr. Axe
  6. B complex vitamins
    1. Toxin podcast
    2. Honest Review of Branch Basics Cleaner
  7. Environmental toxins
    1. Fermented foods - Dr. Axe
    2. Probiotics - Dr. Axe
  8. Probiotics
  9. Thymic Protein A (TPA)
    1. Alcohol based 60 to 80% range - Dr. Mercola
    2. Don’t touch eyes, nose or mouth
    3. College student touching face study
  10. Wash your hands with soap and water.
  11. Heat - Dr. Mercola
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