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Expert Interview with Dr. Kasey Li

Dr. Park Interviews world renowned expert on maxillomandibular advancement surgery, Dr. Kasey Li. During this 60 minute call, Dr. Li shares his wealth of experience and knowledge about this procedure.


  • The real truth about sleep apnea surgery and if the MMA procedure is right for you
  • How to avoid the #1 mistake many sleep apnea patients make when undergoing surgery
  • The one thing you must consider prior to having any surgery for sleep apnea, including the MMA procedure
  • The do’s and don’ts of finding the right surgeon
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I will be revealing some eye-opening details about 3 common ingredients that you normally take for granted. There is also strong evidence for their effectiveness against coronavirus infections. I will cover:

  • Why the US healthcare system can't help you
  • Why doctors can't help you
  • What happens When You Give Peter a Pressure Pill (my satiric poem in the vein of If You Give a Pig a Pancake)
  • Which 3 ingredients and/or vitamins have significant anti-inflammatory, anti-clotting, anti-arthritis, and anti-cancer properties
  • Evidence for use in COVID showing significant benefits.
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In this episode of Ask Dr. Park, Dr. Park gives a 30-minute presentation on the State of the Art on obstructive sleep apnea, after which he takes live questions. Questions answered include:

  • Do you see the Homeobloc as an effective treatment for OSA/UARS?
  • What are the clinical guidelines for pediatric sleep disorders?
  • Is it normal to get congested when lying down at night?
  • What about MSE promoted by Dr. Moon?
  • Relationship between tinnitus and obstructive sleep apnea
  • What do you think of Xylitol for nasal congestion and obstructive sleep apnea?
  • What do you think about the 4% desaturation rule for diagnosing sleep apnea, which doesn't help women?
  • My nose is stuffy and I have trouble using CPAP. I tighten the mask and it doesn't help. What can I do?
  • Can most pediatric ENTs perform DISE?
  • What's the sleep study criteria for UARS?
  • Do older toddlers who have OSA rock back and forth even banging their heads on the crib?
  • What's more important, AHI, heart rate variability or sympathetic stress?
  • I underwent septoplasty, turbinoplasty, tonsillectomy and UPPP. My nose is still stuffy. What do I do?
  • My toddler sleeps with his but in the air. He had oral tie release x 2.  What do you recommend?
  • Are there many doctors that address epiglottis problems in adults?
  • Link between Ehlers-Danlose Syndrome to sleep apnea and epiglottis problems. 

To watch the video, click here.

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In the re-launching of my old Ask Dr. Park teleseminar series, I answer all your questions about the nose or sinuses. Some of the many questions I answer include:

  • What can be done for non-allergic or vasomotor rhinitis?
  • Is addiction to Afrin treatable?
  • What can I do for my allergies if I tried everything?
  • Will taking out tonsils help with nasal congestion?
  • Does mouth-breathing cause cavities?
  • Can braces improve nasal congestion and mouth breathing?
  • How can you tell the difference between a sinus infection and sinus migraine?
  • How helpful is nasal saline irrigation?
  • What's your opinion about balloon sinuplasty?
  • I'm still stuffy despite undergoing septoplasty. What can I do?
  • Can turbinate surgery cause empty nose syndrome?
  • And many more...







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Dr. Park answers all your question about your nose and sinuses.

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