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Do you wake up to pee at night? Is it usually around 3 AM, plus or minus 30 minutes? And if you wake up many times to urinate, why is it at regular 90-minute intervals? In this short video, I’ll reveal what most doctors and online experts don’t usually talk about.

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✅ Video timeline

00:00   Introduction
00:28   Common reasons for nighttime urination
01:15    Obstructive sleep apnea defined
01:40   Atrial natriuretic peptide hormone
02:06   Sleep stages and REM sleep
02:35   Adenosine and sleep drive
02:49   3 AM – the perfect storm
03:13   Nighttime urination and higher risk of death
03:59   How to lower your risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer, car accidents
04:04   Upper airway resistance syndrome and nocturia
05:23   4 tips to stop peeing at 3 AM

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