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In this age of fecal transplants, the gut biome is a popular topic that everyone is talking about. What is the gut biome and how is it related to your sleep quality? How can the bacteria in your gut prevent you from losing weight?

Please join Kathy and me as we answer the above questions and more.

Show Notes:

What is the gut biome?

How sleep affects the gut biome (good review article on Huffington Post)

Another article on sleep loss and gut bacteria

How stress affects the gut biome

Sleep Interrupted: A physician reveals the #1 reason why so many of us are sick and tired

Melatonin/circadian rhythm and gut biome

How excessive exercise negatively affects the gut

Gut biome and insomnia and circadian disorders

Gut dysbiosis and Vitamin D

Glyphosate as an antibiotic

Glyphosate graph

Glyphosate affects Vitamin D conversion in liver by p450 enzyme

Antibiotics in young children linked with higher rate of obesity

Vaginal delivery vs. C-section gut bacteria

Breast fed vs. bottle gut biome

14 Steps

Reduce stress

Cut out children’s activities

Animal proteins are important

7 hours of sleep

Eat high fiber foods - pre-biotics

Timing of meals: Eat every 4 hours or intermittent fasting

Avoid fad diets

5 Korean foods to help you quit sugar

Avoid MSG

Minimize antibiotics

Eat healthy

Probiotics / Fermented foods

Sweat every day

Eat dirt

Avoid processed foods

Dr. Mark Hyman:

Eat whole unrefined foods

Majority vegetable/plant based foods

Good fats

Supplement smartly

Add more coconut to diet

Remove inflammatory fat

Add fiber rich foods

Eat fermented foods

Call to action: Focus on your poop.

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