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Estrogen imbalance is a problem not only for women. Men and children can be affected as well, leading to various health conditions, including thyroid problems, early puberty in girls, the feminization of boys, poor sleep, weight gain, and higher cancer risk.


Show Notes:

Post-menopausal women and progesterone study

Dr. John Lee

Dr. Christianne Northrup Wisdom of Menopause book

Sleep Interrupted

Thyroid health podcast

The Top 7 Toxins to Avoid for Better Sleep and Health podcast

Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers book by Dr. Robert Sapolsky

Possible autism due to too much estrogen during pregnancy

Sicker Fatter Poorer book podcast

Estrogen enhances growth of cancer cells

Estrogen, obesity, and cancer

Increased estrogen in obese men

Estrogen and breast cancer risk

Vitamin D Chart


Inventory of medications

Inventory of foods

Inventory of cleaning supplies

Inventor of personal care products

Pro-Gest cream

Progessence Plus essential oil

Sleep deprivation and hormone imbalance

Exercise and sweating to detox

Deep sleep and toxin removal

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