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In this video, I’m going to reveal how fluoride in your water may be ruining your sleep, as well as how it causes memory problems and also drain your energy levels.

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00:00  Introduction
01:00   The Case Against Fluoride
02:45   Low IQ levels and brain damage
03:28   Near infra-red radiation promotes melatonin
03:43   Melatonin in rice seedlings lowers fluoride uptake
03:56   Fluoride-free diet stimulates pineal growth
04:11    Melatonin protects brain and raises antioxidants
04:24   7 Ways to limit fluoride and make more melatonin
06:09   Why the drug companies, FDA, and CDC are silent about melatonin
06:46   How you can sleep great and have more energy and mental clarity


Sleep, Interrupted: A Physician Reveals The #1 Reason Why So Many Of Us Are Sick And Tired.

The Case Against Fluoride book

Fluoride and Pineal Gland

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Melatonin ameliorates fluoride induced neurotoxicity in young rats: An In Vivo evidence. 

Most Bottled Water is FILLED With Fluoride, Here’s a complete list of brands to avoid.

Fluoride In Tea: Black, Green, White, Herbal & More (Search 357+ Teas).

Prescription Drugs That Contain Fluoride (Search 325+ Drugs).

Cancer and Other Outcomes After Surgery With Fluoridated Anesthesia.

Hooga Red Light Therapy Device. 

COVID-19 early treatment: real-time analysis of 2,360 studies. 

How You Can Sleep Great And Have More Energy and Mental Clarity In 90 Days. The 90-Day Sleep Diet.



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